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Social Media for Osteopaths & Bodyworkers

Social Media for Osteopaths & Bodyworkers

Osteopathic physicians who venture into private practice face a similar challenge other medical providers battle with, namely how to generate and sustain patient base. Osteopathy healthcare has over the recent years gained widespread presence yet very few people have an idea how powerful and comprehensive this type of medical care is for a great assortment of acute as well as chronic conditions they face.

Similarly, bodyworkers battle with the same issue. Of course what they offer is pretty good for overall health but not until the said business’ presence is felt, less will be achieved in the process.

Social media for Osteopaths and bodyworkers

There’s absolutely no way your clinic is going to boost its presence if it isn’t social. It may sound like a foreign concept but let’s take a closer look at why every osteopath and bodyworkers must incorporate social media.

Branding and connection

Social media platforms constitute an ideal place to build the business’s brand, as well as engage in social connections through holding conversations and expressing genuine and active interest in others.

Having an account on Twitter or Facebook is not in itself sufficient if all you ever do is post sales messages consistently without taking time off to give your prospects and patients chance to extract information from you.

By holding conversations and indulging all the necessary efforts to build and nurture a good relationship with potential clients and patients, you’ll have assisted to add value to your business and better its brand.

Marketing your Osteopathy and bodywork business

As much as a good number of the available social media platforms make a fantastic tool for marketing osteopathy healthcare or bodywork businesses, it’s also worth pointing out that such platforms are not entirely for selling services but rather a place where you can practice all that we’ve looked at earlier.

Almost all social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. provide a great opportunity for osteopaths and bodyworkers to build their practice.

1. Facebook

Facebook, for instance, is a fantastic tool due to its viral nature. Anything you do on your Facebook page will be visible to everyone including past clients, who may as well end up as your fans all the same. One should, however, be persistent in providing captivating and informative content in order to stay relevant.

2. YouTube, Instagram, Flickr

Bodyworkers may, for instance, have videos and images giving a brief overview of their practice or just one devoted to educating interested clients about something they might not be aware of. So having an account on YouTube, as well as Instagram or Flickr will enable one reach far too many people who may later be converted into loyal customers.

3. Twitter

Of course as an osteopath you will have a number of well-written health articles and other news you might want to share with the world. In this case, Twitter will be quite friendly since it’s very great when it comes to sharing newsy staff.

In this day and age, it’s not enough being just a skilled and competent osteopathy healthcare provider or bodyworker. Being innovative in your marketing efforts is also key. Social media is undoubtedly the fastest rising online community and with the increasing number of people turning to the internet, it can only be wise if one takes full advantage of it themselves. However, if you would wish to see more excellent results, you can involve social media experts since they possess all the skill and expertise needed to handle such a task successfully.

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