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It’s a fact that Sydneysiders, being very business focussed, as well as forward-thinking and globally-oriented, have become the source of some of Australia’s biggest social media profiles – and any Sydney-based business looking to be even a minor player in the social media milieu needs a company like us to push hard and play targeted catch-up so they can even look respectable in the first place.

Social media enables your business to gently cosy up to leading personal brands such as Sydney Fashion Blogger (811,000 instagram followers and counting) in a friendly space, however it will be very wrong if your hyper-ambitious marketing manager thinks every blogger with 100,000+ social media followers is suddenly going to give your company free kicks all over the park. We specialise in taking a measured approach which, over a 6-month ramp-up phase, gradually makes your company look like “we were here all along”.

After being very active on social media for the last 8 years, we know who to befriend, who to target, and most importantly, how to approach them.

In social media first impressions are very important, but so are second, third, fourth and fifth impressions. Pretty much every aspect of it is public, and things can be very judgemental and superficial – so it’s not a bad idea to find a professional company that you can partner with in social media which has media-educated people able to consider every single tweet from all angles.

We don’t just manage your social media, we grow it, and these are some of the social media profiles your brand will be directly interacting with to step up the ladder of social media success:

The @sydneycafes website, brand and its social media profiles are one of our core brand partners. Apart from having 16,000+ mostly Sydneycentric real followers on Twitter, it also has a very healthy instagram profile which is keenly followed by not just Sydney foodies but influential business people looking to find great places to eat.

We’ve trained the media managers for the City of Sydney in numerous social media workshops and instigated their development of a social media customer service team, and so if you’re looking to follow a quality Sydney-focussed social media profile you couldn’t do much better as they follow best practice at all times.

Time Out Sydney is one of the ultimate what’s on guides and certainly if appropriate we’ll be aligning your brand with their Facebook page – one of our in-house developed techniques is that of outbound cheerleading improving your brand’s passive visibility – but again, it has to be done right!

Since our head office is based in Sydney, if you’d like us to work with you on cultivating a Sydney audience for your business, it’s what we do best. Let’s not tweet, let’s talk!

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