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3 Strong Hobart Social Media Profiles That You Should Follow

Social media profiles cater to a different variety of audience and community. A testament to their huge success is the countless number of social media profiles that can found over the internet today. This makes it quite easy to look for a particular social media profile of your liking. With that said, strong social media profiles are usually the ones who are able to get the audiences that they want. Their established popularity also helps them gain interest from other online users as well in an effort to increase their followers. Here are 3 so strong Hobart social media profiles that you should follow today.

1. Hobart Hurricanes

The official page of the Hobart’s KFC Twenty20 Big Bash League team, get the latest team updates and activities posted directly at their twitter page. Highlights, score tables and other stats can also be found at their page. In addition, if you are a fan of the team itself, you can make use of their promos, bargains and freebies with regards to their merchandise as they post them from time to time.

2. Rolex Sydney Hobart

Rolex Sydney Hobart has made quite a name for their own with their annual yacht races. It is quite a special time of the year as spectators watch from the sidelines or through the television. Those who aren’t able to see them live can get the latest updates and news about the race itself at their twitter page. They also post photos and video which is great as it feels like you are right there watching them live.

3. 936 ABC Hobart

This is the official twitter page of 936 ABC Hobart, a local radio station that interacts with their listeners through their social media profile. They feature and re-tweet noteworthy post from the local community making this page highly interactive to their followers and fans. Get your online content featured directly at their twitter page today.

Finding a strong social media profile for today is just the very first step as there is more that needs to be done. You can start following them immediately as soon as you find them over the internet. In addition, you can also share their posts and updates by re-tweeting them yourself. This can help can a following and fans in the process in an effort to increase your overall online presence.

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