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3 Strong Melbourne Social Media Profiles

It is quite easy to look for different social media profiles for today. A simple lookup over the internet will produce countless number of results. With that being said, it is important to look for ones that are fairly popular who already has an established fans and followers. These fall under the category of strong social media profiles. It is ideal to look for one especially if you want to know the latest happenings around the globe or to a specific location. Melbourne has several social media profiles worth looking into. Listed below are 3 strong social media profiles in Melbourne and you can easily look them up today with no trouble due to their popularity.

1. Melbourne, Australia

This twitter page is the official people for Tourism Victoria, Australia. Get the latest news, photos, videos and even writing from Victoria. Those who want to visit Melbourne can benefit greatly from this social media profile. The local community will also be able enjoy their daily and active tweets.

2. That’s Melbourne

Find the latest happenings in the city of Melbourne at That’s Melbourne’s twitter page profile. Shop, eat, dine and unwind at Melbourne’s hottest places. Find these posted at their twitter page along with their variety of events for that exciting weekend getaway with your friends and loved ones.

3. 3AW Melbourne

Melbourne’s No.1 radio station, 3AW Melbourne has setup their very own social media profile which can be found at their official twitter page. Follow the latest news and events happening around Melbourne tweeted before they are even aired. Their daily articles are also share at their twitter profile which allows for easy transition from their social media page as it links directly to their website.

Tourism pages are great social media profiles to follow as they help advertise their country to the local community as well as to foreigners. This makes them easy to gain a following and fans turning it into a strong social media profile for today. On the other hand, news networks always have their fair share of viewers and audiences. They can capitalize on the success of their news coverage by integrating them with their social media page. In turn, a strong social media profile is made with the help of their established fans and following. Start following these strong social media profiles today. Build your audience and followers around them by re-tweeting and sharing their news.

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