Social media is the new era of communication. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have created online communities where people share information with other members. The phenomenal growth of these social media sites ultimately reflects people’s compelling desire to connect with each other. This new media of communication represents a new way for business to communicate and sell online. Businesses without a social media presence are losing the opportunity to increase its user base and to form unique relationship with potential customers.

We live in the age of digital technology where people use web browsers to look for anything they need. It is important to have a website for your business to serve as your digital storefront. But the website alone is not enough anymore; your digital storefront should extend to social media where people are gravitating. Social media can be one of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal. Whether you are launching a start-up or have an established company, you should start building your social media presence.

Social media to be more effective should work in tandem with your overall business strategy. Build a clear strategy based on what you’re trying to achieve. Social media without a sound strategy is inviting a social media tragedy. The common failure of most businesses is diving ahead without a defined objective or clear strategy.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines strategy as “a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time.”

Tactics are actions used to achieve a specific objective or goal.

Social media strategy is the foundation to determine the tactics to be implemented. Without this foundation, your business will be lost in the social sphere. With no strategy the results of public-facing tactics will be poor and activities can’t be measured or optimised. If you are involved in the creation and implementation of social media strategies for your own business, it’s very important to understand the purpose of a measurable social media strategy.

We develop social media strategy for Sydney based businesses. We apply tactical executions that engage and target your desired demographic.

Key elements of social media strategy

The first step towards developing a highly successful social media strategy is to look at it from an external perspective.You might be a little too close to everything and your vision maybe clouded because of your own personal judgement. We look at the whole in a somewhat detached manner so we can identify the key opportunities from an holistic perspective


Meaningful engagements with your target audience are key to a successful social media strategy. Timely and effective engagement can increase BUZZ for your brand through shared interaction.

Reputation management

We encourage transparent communication with your customers. Today’s consumer is social media savvy, and as soon as you start spinning truth your audience will see through it. Because we learnt our trade in the communications field, we know what to say – and when to say it.

Lead generation

There is a definite place for lead generation, but your social media strategy shouldnot focus purely on capturing new customers. Sure, that’s the ultimate objective. We know when to generate leads and when to engage in meaningful ways.

Customer service

How many times have you seen epic social media fails because someone in control of a Twitter or Facebook account decided to go off the reservation and vent their frustrations. Good customer service require an empathetic view on social media. Otherwise your business could fail overnight.

Online advertising

Social networking websites an applications are filled with users of all different ages and interest located all over the world. We can target advertising to reach your demographic with the right message delivered at the right time. Facebook Ads are a great cost effective way to build your social media fan base, and in turn generate new customers and leads on a daily basis.

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