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Social Media for Furniture Stores – Is Instagram Best?

Furniture stores today realized the importance of social media in brand building, reaching out to potential customers and getting them to their store. Social media websites and applications allow users to participate in social networking. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram give convenience to furniture stores customers because making shopping easy is every furniture store owner’s responsibility. Today customers are able to shop by simply visiting the store’s website and social media accounts.

Study shows that 85% of businesses that engage social media as part of their marketing mix reported an increase in market visibility. And 58% of businesses that used social media marketing for more than 3 years had increase in sales. When done right social media can be a great tool for interacting directly to potential customers. It is important to determine which platform will work best for your store in order to run a successful social media campaign. Choose a social media platform that give the greatest benefit and suit your business style.

Popular social media platforms for furniture stores:

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms with 1.28 billion active users. This is an integrated and variable tool for social media marketing. Creating a business page will allow your followers to be updated with the latest offers and business news. This is a great site for interacting directly with potential customers, building your brand and linking to your site. IKEA Australia uses Facebook effectively.

Twitter has 225 million active users. The shorter format of this platform is great for keeping up to date and getting in touch. Furniture stores can use Twitter for news releases, sales promotion and marketing. Bo Concept Sydney uses Twitter to keep customers updated.

Google+ with 300 million active users is becoming an important social media platform for increasing internet visibility. Setting up a business page on Google + help furniture stores improves their search engine rankings. American Signature Furniture uses G+

Linked in is an essential social networking site with 300 million active users. Setting up a business page on LinkedIn helps in search engine optimisation because every post gives a link back to the website. Furniture stores find potential customers and engage with them through this platform. Furniture Stores UK uses this platform

Youtube is an effective video marketing tool with 1 billion active users. Furniture stores can use videos to tell about their merchandise and services just like giving the customer a walk through their store. YouTube is also a less competitive way to rank in search engine. Fantastic Furniture uses Youtube for sales promotion.

Pinterest – is a visual social media platform with 70 million active users. Pinterest is great for home décor and furniture stores. This platform can help the stores in building interest and showcasing furniture. Pinterest helps drive traffic to your website by linking photos to the home page. Freedom Australia uses Pinterest to share photos and inspirations

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media platform with 200 million active users. This is the best social media platform for furniture stores since it is visual in nature. Most furniture stores are on Instagram more than any other social platform. Using this niche social media site can result in business because 40% of people respond better and faster to visuals than text. Instagram photos has a greater chance of being seen compared to Twitter or Facebook. Furniture stores that post frequently remind followers of their brand. This is a fun and interesting way to promote products and urge customer engagement. Habitat Furniture Warehouse uses Instagram to connect with customers.

More and more companies are joining Instagram, it is important to be creative in making content to promote products and customer engagement. Have at least three non-promotional photos for every one promotional photo you post. Create a brand strategy to make the most of your efforts and investment. Remember innovation is the key to any successful social media undertaking.

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