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Cape York tours

Cape York in a Week: 7 Things to Do in 7 Days

Most travelers begin their tropical adventures in North Queensland, Cairns. This route takes you to Cape York and captures some of Queensland’s most iconic natural wonders. Discover stunning tropical forests just a stone’s throw from the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef.

This road trip covers 1,800km. Some travelers make this trip within a week, but it’s much more convenient to take 9 or 10 days. This allows you to see and do what you like without having to rush. Pack your luggage, load it into your camper van, and get out on the road. Cape York is waiting for you!

Day 1-From Cairns to Port Douglas

Start your morning with breakfast at Jamdrop Café, one of Cairns’ best restaurants. Pick up your picnic gear and head north to Palm Cove. Spend the morning exploring the natural beauty of the Daintree Rainforest. Take a guided tour to introduce Daintree’s biodiversity. Next, have lunch with a view before heading north towards Port Douglas. If you would lick to drive so you can go for an epic Cape York adventure with your 4WD.

Day 2-From Port Douglas to Cooktown

Located between the mouth of the Endeavor River and Grassy Hill, Cooktown is a fascinating and historically important town. Home to buildings, monuments and heritage centers that pay homage to the times of great trials and victories, Cooktown is a great place to go back in time. Stop at the James Cook Museum, full of relics, information and fascinating stories. Marketing the Australian outback helps to find out best destination for holiday.

Day 3-From Cooktown to Musgrave Station

Today’s mission: Arrive at Musgrave station in time for sunset! With about 545km left, you are having a big day. Today is about crossing Lakefield National Park, the bottom of the peninsula. Lakefield is Queensland’s second-largest national park and a popular destination for camping and fishing. The park has lakes, billabongs, swamps and much to see along the way.

To interrupt a long drive, stop at a picnic, stretch your legs and then proceed to Musgrave Station. At the right time, you’ll see the sun set while you’re eating at MassgraveBroadhouse. You get up early, so get early night.

Day 4-Musgrave Station to Cohen

Musgrave station is just a stopover, so please follow the road as soon as possible. Cohen is about 3.5 hours by car. Located in the heart of the Cape York Peninsula, Cohen is part of the wonderful Cook Shire Council. Enjoy lunch at the Great Northern Café before detouring to the Cohen River. Here you can explore the wetlands and greenery of the forest before soaking in the river and cooling down.

Day 5-From Cohen to Rockheart River

Sleep a little before embarking on the road to the Rock Heart River. On the way, you will pass the Archer River Roadhouse. Stop by here for a delicious meal. “Archer Burger” is famous for its ability to satisfy even the appetite of even the most skilled truck drivers-try it! Once you’re hungry, head to Chile Beach.

Day 6-From Rockheart River to Morton Telegraph Station

Start your day with a visit to the Rockheart River Art Gallery. Exchange the history of the settlement with a dreamlike story told by an indigenous artist.

From there (with the right vehicles), it’s time to work on the 4W Ding Frenchman’s Truck, which has the deepest and fastest rivers on the peninsula. This is one of Cape Town’s toughest courses, with waterways, technical handling and a variety of sand tracks. Get dressed accordingly, you may get a little wet today!

Day 7-From Bamaga to Cape York

Today it’s about reaching the “top”. Head to Punsand Bay and Loco Island. The island is a family-owned Pearl Farm located about 5km west of Punsand Bay. They offer pearl farm tours, fishing charters, and tropical island experiences. If you choose to take a guided tour, you will learn how pearls are made and harvested. Of course, you can also buy luxury jewelry.




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