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Savvy Electricians

Savvy Electricians on Social Media

There is no doubt about it. Electricians are the most switched on of all the tradies going about their business. Sparkies are the swiftest and coolest contractors on any building site. They reflect the current they work with, as they get the job done fast with a minimum of fuss. Electricians don’t particularly like to get their hands dirty, preferring to leave that to someone else (someone like a plumber). It makes sense then that you find savvy electricians on social media, dabbling in a bit of digital marketing. Our bright spark knows that you can get a lot done fast in the digital space.

Social Media Managers Promote Electricians

The commercial nature of succeeding in business as an electrician demands a presence on social media in 2020. Only the foolish or backward would neglect this current trend in marketing and not many electricians would describe themselves as thus. Savvy electricians on social media are employing social media managers to make them look good and stand out. Letting the professionals do what they do well is the first rule of successful marketing. Social media managers are storytellers in the modern age. Their job is to create an accessible and engaging narrative to promote our electrician to Sydney viewers.

Smart Electricians Invest in Digital Marketing

Electricians, on average, make around $80K up to $135K annually, which puts them in good company. Smart electricians who are self employed can earn much more than this and they understand how things work. By this I mean that they invest money in marketing and promotion, especially in digital, like social media management. You have to spend a little to get a lot back. Digital marketing like content development and social media management provide exceptional ROI or bang for their buck.

Word of mouth spreads exponentially on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and the like. Potential customers are searching for electricians on these channels, whilst on their phones and devices. Daily postings and vlogs on social media mean that you will have a profile and presence on these high traffic platforms. Your skills and brilliant reputation will be front and centre when it matters most. Your story will be told thousands of time to those who seek a savvy electrician for an urgent job. Your business name will be before their eyes. Your smiling face will appear instantly. Savvy electricians on social media make more money than those who miss that boat.

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