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Social Media Promotions vs Hard Copy Materials

More people are spending a lot of time online than ever before. Some of us rely on the web to find answers on about almost everything. We log in to research, to socialize, to buy things.

Business owners use the web to market and promote their products and services. Now, since everything is almost done online, does that mean social media promotions are in and hard copy materials are out? What’s the best way to promote a brand? Let’s review the facts…

Social Media Promotions

We can’t deny the power of social media.  Its viral quality makes it an appealing way for businesses to market products and services. Social networking sites are highly effective in advertising a brand because they’re basically self-promoting since users spread the word for the sites.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are some of the most efficient ways to advertise online. We see a lot of social media posts go viral. Facebook posts, tweets and insta posts attract the most likes, shares and comments which are extremely beneficial for any advertising campaign. In fact, a lot of advertisers have relied and managed consumer promotions involving social media to generate attention and maximise brand exposure.

Social media promotions are effective marketing campaigns as you’ll be able to reach a broad audience and capture their attention through interactive marketing which then magnifies their interest in your brand.

Hard Copy Materials

Hard copy promotional materials are still some of the best ways to promote your business. You may think they’re not as popular as they used to be since social media, but you’ll be surprised how very effective offline marketing materials still are.

Promotional items are excellent marketing strategy which increases brand recognition, and just like any other advertising and marketing tool, these items can attract audience and retain attention. High quality merchandise and promotional items in Sydney will let you promote yourself to consumers.

Hard copy materials such as pens, coffee mugs, fridge magnets and other useful items are great pieces to promote your brand.  Promotional items should be effective, functional and of high quality so that consumers can use them on a long term basis. If these qualities are met, then those items can do the marketing for you. The best thing about a brand message or logo is that it will not only be viewed by the customer who gets it but also by other people who see it.

Now, I’m sure you have seen some people wearing windbreakers with the words “Just do it” printed on them, or perhaps people wearing shirts with the “Think different” slogan of Apple. Those are the perfect example of wearable branding. The easiest way to let employees and clients promote your brand is by wearing it. Wearable branding is highly effective and long-lasting as it displays the brand prominently. You can see a lot of this on a variety of events such as trade shows and exhibitions. Other promotional apparels such as hats, polo shirts, sweatshirts are quite popular too.

So, which one is the best?

Now, let me ask you a question. Which one do you think is more successful? A Facebook post or a series of coffee mugs or fridge magnets?

For me, creating the most effective marketing strategy involves a mix of digital and hard copy materials. I think most people would agree that promoting your business is more effective when promotional items are used in collaboration with your online presence. When both are perfectly in sync and done correctly, it should be a double win!

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