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Social Media 2018

Sharepoint Social Media for Business

Social media are internet based platforms used on different devices to help people make contact, keep in touch and interact. Businesses are now seeing the benefits of social media. It allows the enterprise to reach new markets and expand their strategic communications. Yet a lot of companies limit their employees’ access to social media because it interferes with their work and even threaten security. But social media in the work place?

SharePoint social media for business transforms the way the enterprise work together by integrating all systems and business applications in a single social experience. SharePoint allows business and government organizations to connect and share ideas across business lines in one central secure location. SharePoint 2013 is a social web community like Facebook, Twitter and Linked all in one. It’s a new way of communication, collaboration and data management. The social connections allow workers to work efficiently by bringing together geographically remote teams and enabling collaboration.

SharePoint 2013 includes all the social features that employees demand. Newsfeeds are updated content generated by fellow users and closely resemble Twitter or Facebook feeds. Yet users have considerable control over hash-tags, e-mail notification, people to follow and activities that can be shared in the newsfeed. Unlike popular social networks, organization can exercise control over the activities appearing on the Newsfeed.

There is a social interface for internal business collaboration for workgroups and partners with My Sites and Community Sites. It is designed to leverage security and enterprise management of SharePoint. My Sites gives users a one-click access to sites they follow and recommend other sites that might be useful or interesting. Community Sites can be used for organizing, conversations and encouraging users to participate.

Organization privy of security are safe when implementing SharePoint 2013.They can exert considerable amount of control over their SharePoint solutions with the introduction of the new moderation capabilities. SharePoint actively incorporates approval workflows and eDiscovery functionality, which gives organization the ability to preserve electronic content across SharePoint sites. With SharePoint 2013 organization have ample control over business interaction while protecting content and intellectual property.

Many organizations don’t have the technical expertise to effectively administer and train staff on how to use SharePoint efficiently. To harness the full potential of SharePoint, employ SharePoint consultants like WebVine with technical expertise you can rely on for support. Please contact WebVine on 1800 022 990 to discuss your SharePoint needs today.

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