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Twitter For Escorts

Twitter for Escorts

Almost every business nowadays is using social media for promotion, advertising and making personal connections with their clientele, but it’s not just small and big businesses that are using social media, it has also attracted those who are in the “business of pleasure.”

Twitter has been viewed to be a sexually liberated social space and has been a great channel for creating a sexual statement and freedom of expression in the adult community. It’s probably the best social media platform for the sex industry as its free-range regarding content and is considered to be a sexually liberated social space. Facebook has maintained strict regulations about nudity and shuts down offensive pages reported to them while Instagram & Pinterest have always banned nudity and sexual content will pretty well always lead to account closures.

Although Twitter’s terms of service prohibit its users from posting photos having nudity and pornographic content on profile photos, header photos, and user backgrounds, it has never been strict about enforcing them. A number of escorts and erotic artists have been using Twitter to post this kind of content since its launch.

According to some escorts we spoke to from the MyPlaymate site, Twitter has accounted for at least 65 % of their business promotion and connections over the past years. A lot of them have made great friends on the site and have grown their clientele. Furthermore, it’s a great avenue to have an ongoing Twitter relationship with their followers where they can learn more about them – their lives, passion and personality.

Twitter is a place where like-minded escorts can get to know each other, share experiences, and get tips or advice from other industry professionals on wellbeing and safety. The access to a social media platform such as Twitter permits escorts and other sex workers to connect to an online network of support from other people within the industry.

If you’re keen on connecting with escorts on Twitterverse tonight, you’ll find thousands who’ll willingly indulge your sexiest curiosities.

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