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Social media in Brisbane is really taking off. There are many ways to interact with individuals, groups and business organisations through Brisbane and surrounds. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest are but a few social networks you can use to engage people about your product and/or service.

Take Twitter for example. Here are a few businesses getting it right…

Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council uses Twitter to get out the information they need to inform residents of everything they need to know in relation to local government, along with any infrastructure developments. Smart Brisbane residents follow BCC to keep up to date.

Brisbane Times

Fairfax Media’s Brisbane flag ship news source – Brisbane Times. Local Brisbane residents can keep up to date with all the latest local and national news simply by following BT on Twitter.

Daily Terroir

The Daily Terroir has an opinion to share with the world, and he does it well. You can do it just as well, and use Twitter as a soap box for whatever you want to say.

National Rugby League

The NRL has a massive following on Twitter and Facebook. Brisbane has some of the most parochial footy fans in the world. And why not given it’s past state of origin success. The NRL breaks news about the sport on Twitter because it’s immediate.

Nine News Brisbane

Nine News Brisbane is the channel nine affiliate in Qld that delivers news to locals through a variety of media. Twitter is but one of the many ways information is distributed to locals.

Our Twitter service ensures an engaged audience. This is because when we “tweet”, we disseminate meaningful content that deserves to be shared. Get in contact to find out more about best-practice Twitter strategy.

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