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Adult Dating Goes Better With Social Media – Or Does It?

Adult Dating Goes Better With Social Media – Or Does It?

It’s a new era, and as modern dating takes a new dimension, we can only anticipate a more rattling dating culture. Adult dating seems to be at the forefront of this. It has transitioned from better to excellent. All thanks to social media.

Social media lets one do it all-chat, text, share pics/video, meet new people, name it. Look at the millions of dating and relationship stories hitting the web daily. Plenty of them are quite interesting. They revolve around how social media has made dating pretty amazing.

Sexting, a type of chat characterized by vigorously lascivious conversations, sexual imagery, and sensual excesses, is now part of this ever-shifting dating culture.

Jessica, now in her mid-40s, not very long ago witnessed her marriage hit rock bottom. She got so frustrated. She ended up lonely and hopeless, but then later on, she embarked on a task of finding someone else to fill the gap. Luckily, she found her match on a prominent dating site. Soon after that, things got a little heated up. Most of what took place later involved sharing of images, both decent and explicit. She describes the experience as mind-blowing and intensely arousing since it was her first time ever indulging in it. It’s what later on actually culminated into a completely happy and contented life she currently enjoys with her newly found lover.

Such and many other similar or related stories serve as clear examples of how adult dating has turned terrific. Thanks again to social media.

But when it comes to sexting, Jessica is hardly alone. A recent research done by Pew Research Center Poll indicates that 9% of adult mobile phone owners indulge in sexting. According to the research, 20% of mobile phone users claimed to have received such a text. In addition, another 44% of cell phone users aged between 18-24 also reported receiving sexts, as did 22% of cell phone owners aged between 25-34.

Sexting has been credited with improving long-term relationships, assisting couples stay together and in touch for a while, or love again after a divorce/break-up, and boosting relations in a more playful and sexual way.

All the same, one must be vigilant while sharing such explicit sexual images. It’s actually a good idea not to include your face or unique features such as tattoos or birthmarks. Nonetheless, when you decide to send one, don’t forget to make it a little tasteful, enticing and catchy.

Snapchat, quite a prominent app in modern dating, has made things way better for those in serious relationships. Through its ‘self-destructing’ images feature, it automatically deletes shared images, of course after you meet certain conditions.

Still, many other platforms like WhatsApp, Tumblr, Whisper, and Tinder, have heightened adult dating in their own special unique ways. In fact, what stands out most is how a good number of them are now credited for singles dating, many marriages, relationships and other unions we see today.

Everything else aside, social media is the way to go for adult dating. It’s an internet driven universe and if anything, the least one can expect just is more and more innovations. So are you single or searching for a mate, well, it’s time you stand to be counted.

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